Thank You!

I just wanted to tell you that Dyna’s surgery went great! No lymph node involvement! She’s in great spirits and we both are overwhelmed by all of your beautiful thoughts & meaningful words. Thanks you SO much!

Special Thanks

Posted this on Facebook yesterday: Had a great time on The Talk today. Special thanks to Sharon, Carnie & Julie, you were so nice. Dyna did Great!

Watch The Talk on Tuesday October 11

Posting on Facebook page, too…
We’re set to perform on ‘The Talk,’ with the show airing on CBS nationwide this Tuesday, October 11, during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The show means a lot to me because as I said on Twitter, the beautiful woman in my life, Dyna Shirasaki, was diagnosed with breast cancer. Dyna will be with me during this appearance. Please send love and please watch! October 11 ‘The Talk’ airing 2pm ET, 1pm PT/CT.

Get checked

The beautiful woman in my life, Dyna Shirasaki, was diagnosed with breast cancer. Small & caught early, our hopes are high. Pls send love. It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month, get checked now.

Thoughts & More from Kelly

Hey y’all!  Having fun on this USA tour, getting it on. Can’t say enough about you fans!

Excited about the new disc set. Loved working with Samantha Ronson and Mick on Save Me. I was really impressed with how quick Samantha was in the studio. Lyric re-writes, vocal ideas, she was very “on it”. I’ve always known she’s smart with a quick wit because I follow her twitter and she doesn’t disappoint. She also works very from the gut and instinctively, which I love, and she knows exactly what she wants even if she tries to deny it! As usual , she’s always a cool hang. Jimmy Messer was great as well, Mick & I got a chance to do something a little different here and it think it really works!

The Acoustic CD really rocks too. More later.